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Carpenter at Work


Beautiful.  Meaningful.  Important.

These three words form the basis of the concept behind every piece that is made by the craftsman at Tranquill Woodcraft.

Matt has been woodworking, focusing on turning, since 2013.  His work focuses on showing the beauty of the wood, exemplified by the form that the wood takes, and the supporting materials, such as the selected hardware finishes on the pens.   Each piece from Tranquill Woodcraft is unique.

With the start of production of the Tranquill Woodcraft JS3, Tranquill Woodcraft has a second mission of supporting other artisans achieve their vision through innovative tools.  Manufacturing is in the United States, using domestically sourced parts whenever possible. 

Returns/Exchanges/Lost Packages Tranquill Woodcraft does not accept returns or exchanges, except in the case where items were damaged during shipping. Tranquill Woodcraft is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. All products are considered "delivered" once they have been transferred to an appropriate shipping provider; tracking numbers will be provided (as available) to purchasers.

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