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JS3Jr Setup Blocks - Sets

JS3Jr Setup Blocks - Sets

Looking to get into splayed stave turning? These are the follow-on to the popular JS3 jig! These are like a wedgie, but for splayed staves, and like a JS3, but cheaper!


The JS3Jr are like the well known segments wedgies, but for splayed staves. They are used as a jig to set both the saw blade angle AND the miter gauge angle to get accurate, repeatable staves with tight glue lines, no need for adjusting on a sander.  The angle for each setup block is the angle from vertical - 0 degree is like building a vertical staved barrel, 75 degrees is almost flat.


Each set is for a specific number of sides, and has all the different standard angles (0 (vertical staves, like a barrel), 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 degrees).

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